Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Fourteen years ago today we stood before God and our families and committed to love, honour and cherish each other forever. How could we even know the depth of the promise we were making that day? I was 21 and he was 22, what a crazy thing to decide at such a young age and yet, how wonderful! Oh what joy I would have missed if we hadn't taken the leap into this journey that is us.

Fourteen years down the road, we have moved provinces...twice, welcomed 4 new lives into this world, owned 3 houses and had countless other crazy, happy, heartbreaking, frustrating, wonderful and not so great things happen in our lives. Through it all we're still best friends. I'm so honoured to call Kevin my husband and partner, to see his love and tenderness as a father and to walk beside him through all the madness that is our life. I'm thankful (almost) everyday that the Lord brought us together.

I love you now and always babe!
Happy Anniversary....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Levi's trip to Mexico and some talk about homeschooling...

I need to post these but I'm kind of low on pithy things to say. I always get like this by the end of summer. I feel a bit wrung out. It's been a wonderful fun filled summer full of visiting and eating (and running so I can keep eating) but I'm just...tired and ready for the season to change.

This year will bring some new beginnings for our family. Levi (our oldest) is heading to school for the first time. No he's not 5...he's 13. I know but we are homeschoolers so this is a big step at our house. It's a small private school in our neighbourhood so it will be a gentle transition for him (and me). He's nervous and excited.

The smaller peeps and I are staying here to explore the world. I've been reading about the Charlotte Mason Method of teaching/learning/facilitating exploration of our world and I'm wondering..."why did I wait so long to read these books?!" It's speaking to my heart! WOW!

This is the book I'm reading right now and here's a quote from the Chapter "What is Eduction?"

"We, as persons, are not enlightened by means of multiple-choice tests or grades, but rather by the other people in our lives that we come to know, admire and love. We are educated by our friendships and by our intimacies. For instance, think how the actions of someone you admire influence your behaviour. Similarly, think also of how a boy's interest is sparked by a hobby he loves, and to which he devotes all his time and trouble. Whether it be gardening, keeping house, or governing a state, love of work - like love of people- teaches things that no school, no system, can. " Karen Andreola Charlotte Mason Companion

This could explain my own love of this whole blogging thing too and is obviously not exclusive to homeschooling. I'm feeling my passion for this whole journey returning. Let me be honest, the last two years have been a challenge. Let's just say, we're all pretty excited to start again...again:)

Here's the biggest event in son #1's life this summer:

Levi and Kevin went to Mexico with a team from our church. They built a home for a couple of single mom's and their kids. It was an amazing learning opportunity for Levi and I've seen a bit of a leap in his willingness to help around our home AND his thankfullness. He commented on how little these people have and yet how thankful and happy they are. Pretty cool AND a bit of a reminder to us all.

Starting the build...

Levi and his little shadow. this kid LOVED him!

Working on the house....

Ladies washing and chatting with their new home in the background....

The whole team....

Celebrating their new home!

Working on crafts with the village kids...

goofing off...

Hanging at the campsite...

One day off at the beach...

Flying home...

Well look at that, I did have quite a bit to say after all. Like I wouldn't?! hee hee.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Old friends and great times!

I'm not sure what it is about old friends? You know the ones. They're the people you met when you were sometimes just a child and over the years and through different phases these relationships can seem unlikely or mismatched BUT they out last all others. why is that? What is it about people you don't have to share your history with? People who, although you're very different in many ways, just know you? I'm not sure but I thank God for my old friends.

Tanya and I became bff (before the days of bffs actually) when she was 12 and I was 13. I had just moved to Vernon and was pretty lonely, she and I just loved each other right away. I met her hubby that same year. We had a little crush on each other. How long ago does that seem?!

And we grew up ... growing together and apart over the years, sometimes understanding each other and sometimes....not.

She had Liam and 5 months later I had Levi, She had Conner and a year later I had Isaac, she had Kaanan and....well she won that one because a year in a half later I brought the first female to our little party. What a crazy crew of testosterone we would have been (actually we still are!) without my girls.

And now we get to celebrate the birth of new life. They are welcoming son number 4 in November. What joy! The last 6-7 years have been pretty tough on these guys but we're rejoicing with them in this new season.

So here's to my best oldest friend!
We had such a wonderful long weekend with them, shopping and eating and walking along the ocean. Happy BC day!