Tuesday, June 26, 2007

YIKES! It's been so long...

I keep sitting down to write and then get distracted by all the things going on around me.

Distraction number one:
If you scroll down you will see what we did to our yard. Well, suddenly we have all these great areas that need some landscaping attention. Coming from Calgary, I'm not exactly a plant person (okay, I am the place plants go to die if truth be told). Suddenly, I'm weeding, digging and planting like a crazy person with my mother-in-law who I affectionately call "the garden pusher" lol. She is awesome! I would have NO plants if not for her!
Anyway, I LOVE it! Who knew?!

Distraction number two:
Kids and kid related stuff of course. And I'm not sure if you can call it a distraction:)
We've been wrapping up the final stuff: last swimming lesson, last soccer game, last day of classes etc...

Here the kids are having a little bbq to celebrate our last day of classes...
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Last week a bunch of us from Lochiel (the kid's homeschool school) took the kids to the waterslides. Fun right?! Yes but freezing! I was in my bikini, in a sweatshirt, in the hot tube (with a hundred other people) in the driving rain. Check out how cold these three are..
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Good times, good times! lol.
Here's my sil and a friend in the crowded hot tub...
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The kids had a blast and it did warm up but there was a point at which I thought I must be insane to be doing this!
The kids loved it cuz there was free cotton candy...
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and free popcorn...
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Amelia loved every second of it. To think I almost didn't bring her. She was blue and shaking but wouldn't get out of the water!
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Wylan and Levi spent most of their time tormenting people by spraying them with their squirt guns. And here I thought they were all "growed up" ....
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All in all it was a wonderful day AND we came home burnt to a crisp. After all the rain and cold the sun did eventually come out!

Distraction number three...
Company. We've had people come to stay with us, which I love and people for meal, which I also love BUT it does crowd out my blogging time.

The next few weeks will be busy as well but I'm so grateful for all the love and family we're surrounded by.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The fastest way to feeling obese...

better known by it's common name: bathing suit shopping.
Anyone who knows me, knows I joined Weight watchers, lost weight and am jogging 10 K three times a week. What is the next step you ask? Ah yes, squeezing my bum into a new suit. You might imagine, from the previous sentence that this would be like a reward, or at worst an okay experience...think again!

So off to Sport Chec I go (I'm also cheap so not boutiques for me). What is it about those change rooms? Are they especially designed to highlight every bump and blemish on your behind? Why are the rooms so small? For that matter, why are the suits so small? The one I ended up buying is a medium. Medium???!!! It's not even a medium square of toilet paper. If you were in the lou, noticed you were out and called to the next stall, "Hey, can you hand me a medium sized bunch of paper please?" and she gave you paper the size of this suit you'd be upset (and you'd have to wash your hands).

Here's how I eventually ended up picking one. If I sort of squinted, imagined that my stretch marks don't exist, that I actually always clench my butt cheeks and that the hail damage on my bum is Britney's not mine...it looks okay. Oh and it was the one on sale. Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner!

Now to find a pair of board shorts wear over it so I don't cause anyone permanent retinal damage.

Good luck to the rest of the non-super model moms out there who just want a decent suit to wear to the beach with their kids. I wish you well!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Rainy Tuesdays are for veg-ing!

Have you noticed that the more time you have, the less actually gets done.
Yesterday was one of those day. The kids did get their school work done and I did clean the bathrooms (seriously, girls are nastier than the boys ever were - ew!) but anytime I find myself surfing celebrity blog sites (I know, I know...it's my nasty little habit what can I say?! We're being real here right?!) I know good use is NOT being made of my time!

At one point I walked around the house to see the children exhibiting the results of my stellar parenting....

Exhibit 1: Toddler watching Barbie. Yes, I am one of those parents. Hey, at lest she's dressed and fed! (I was so much better at parenting before I actually had kids!)
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and this is what she's watching...
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Exhibit 2: Boys on their drug of choice... I am believeing this will translate in a lukrative future career as game developers... Look leave my dreams alone!
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Exhibit 3: Oldest daughter using a knife unsupervised...hey she said Gramma let her! and she did really well actually.
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Oh and here's were you find hubby most days. In his office and on the phone...
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We like to call it his "realized niche" which is a biology term from many moons ago when he was doing a Bio degree. Let's just say that if you are wondering where he is, he's here or in his truck:)

Somewhat profound...(well for me anyway)
The thing I do love best about homeschooling is that the kids have time in their life for days like this, to practice cutting strawberries, watch movies, play games and just to hang. I love watching them together. Last night I was putting the youngest to bed and the oldest came in to give her a kiss and a tickle. They are all such great friends despite the stellar parenting. I choose to believe God fills in between the cracks:) He does say, where we are weak He is strong. That pretty much carries me most days.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Almost Summer...

It felt like summer this week. HOT! SUNNY! Did I mention hot?!
It was wonderful but I think we're going to need more fans...HOT!

My mom and dad came to watch the kids do their play. (It was wonderfully cute! And they did great it their small roles.) It seems we need them to help us explore new places in our own back yard. They took us up to Harrison Lake. WOW. So beautiful! The beach is huge so even though there were tons of people it was not packed. I can't wait to go back. click here
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The kids had an amazing time building sand castles and I actually got to read my magazine undisturbed which never happens.
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And my mom and dad were there so there's even a picture of me with my kids. Totally NEVER EVER happens:)
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Yes, we're mostly insane just in case you had any question in your mind about that HA HA.

And today? Rain, but it's the light refreshing rain that comes as a relief after days of unrelenting heat. Have I mentioned lately how thankful I am to live here? Thank you Lord for your great gifts.