Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Canada Day week!

We're off tomorrow to spend a few days with my mom and dad and then off to the lake!!

I can't wait! As I was packing up, (and this involves ALOT of packing! They don't even provide bedding so it all has to come with.) I realized I actually want to go on a trip where I don't have to provide meals. just. once. That having been said...

I can't wait to spend a week in the sun (fingers crossed) with our best friends.

Happy Canada to all you Canadians! Have a wonderful week.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Okay. Okay I get it! I'll slow down!

Does your body ever just shut down? Mine does this to me sometimes. It's like it says, "well if she isn't going to rest. I'm just going to make her."

...So after an insanely busy week/month... Tuesday a.m. I went to boot camp (yes, I'm doing a boot camp 2 mornings a week. It rocks! Seriously. I highly recommend!) , came home did my thing and loaded the kids in the car: one boy to swimming, two girls and one dog off to Abbottsford to their last dance. (the girls NOT the dog. I'm sure she'd love to dance but I'm not sure the teacher would be so impressed). I was starting to feel tired and kind of draggy but...whatev, it's been a long month. We got there early to pick up gifties for dance instructors and then ... to dance. Suddenly I am sick but I still have 2 hours of dance and one trip to the park (remember the dog?) to wait through. Argh! It's okay. I did it.

Now the 30 min drive home and oh, there's my hubby and his dad and my boys all hungry hungry hungry. Drag my poor (now feverish) butt around for a bit more and YAY. BED!

The next day played out much the same except less driving for me and more bed. Finally at around 4:30 I lifted my overly warm head off the pillow and asked my hovering youngest child if she wanted to pray for mommy? Well, she delights in praying for people and pray she did! I believe God has a special place in His heart for the prayers of tiny girls because I almost immediately started to feel better.

I was able to get up, make dinner and spend the evening with my family. Thank you Lord!

And then I was off again.

Kev went to Edmonton for 2 days and I had to get up and take the kids to the waterslides Thursday am. I was well enough to do all of this! If I had to be sick, it was perfect timing that it happen the two days that it did.

I do feel like I need to say, "God answers prayers. Even in the little things. Quite amazing really!"

******And He answered our prayers in another area. We will be leaving for our annual trip to the lake with our bffs on Friday. AND Kristen will be joining us. Praise GOD her placenta moved!!!! She's got the thumbs up on her trip and we get to hang out with our favorite people for a week. ******

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another year is almost done...

school/dance and sport year that is.
I can't believe how many things we've packing into the last week and are continuing to pack into the next few.

In the world of my oldest son:

Levi got an amazing opportunity to tour EA Games with his dad. His dream is to become a programmer and this was a unique and amazing opportunity for him. They don't give many tours and he had to get special permission, assuring them he had some actually programming knowledge and wasn't just on a Looky-lou. Here they are....he's so excited he can hardly contain himself!

How did he come by this ability to write code you may ask? NO IDEA! And certainly not from me. I'm becoming more and more proud of the person he's growing into. He never ceases to amazing me!
Another thing that boggles me, how can someone who teaches himself C++ not be able to find his own socks? Mystery of the Universe that one!

Son number two:

After attending his sister's recital, Isaac has decided he'd like to try dance. My husband gave me "the look" but we're going to give it a go. This kid has been moving to music since he was a wee babe. He really SHOULD dance! Here he is with Gramma and Grandpa Reid (and our little Rockin' Robin after the show).

He finishes his swimming lessons today and soccer ends next week. WHEW. It's tough work being a kid these days!

What about the girls? :

I seem to always lump them together but they do hang quite a bit. Some days my older daughter comes and asks for a little "alone time" read: no little sister bugging her. It's something about how Amelia doesn't follow "the rules". I'm not sure how makes these rules but they MUST BE FOLLOWED!

Maddy went to a Grade one class once a week this year. They had a little wind up where they got to ride horses and later play & eat in the gym.

On Saturday we celebrated a long awaited birthday with cousin Emilee at Build-a-Bear. I'm a party mom, doncha know?!
Here's the gang waiting for it to start...

They had games for the kids to play and....

they even made the "party moms" play! Good times!

and then we raced back to Amelia's Tiny dance graduation...

and then back to the party...check out all the new Build a Bears, because we don't have enough stuffies in our houses...

So that brings up to last Saturday....
What have I been doing you ask? Driving mostly.

Friday, June 6, 2008

more dancing....

Staying with the same theme as it seems to be the theme of my life this week; it's dance rehearsal pictures. These are some seriously cute girls!

We (the parents) aren't allowed to go and watch from the audience so be prepared for pictures of what the organized chaos looks like from back stage. This year Mads has a costume change after the intermission. (I don't have any pics of this as my camera died.) They don't want parents back to help but at the practice I stayed and helped 3 little girls get into their Rockin' Robin dresses. They almost didnt' make it in time so I'm interested to see them do this without a parents help...hmmm.... All I know is that sometimes they surprise us with what they can actually do when left alone to it!

We came all suited up:
Mads and Amelia

and then we had to wait...
table of colouring
While colouring...
coloring girl
and dancing...
dancing before dancing
and more dancing...
ring around the rosie

and making crazy faces while your aunt takes your picture...

Emilee the bird

And more colouring with good friends....

colouring Jasmines

and finally after the dance. Waiting to go on for the finale...
Lining up for finale

Honestly, these kids all did great! My girls can barely wait while I pour their juice at home but they were able to get all dressed up and wait for hours on Wednesday. I'm impressed by their desire to perform and their love of the comrade re that goes on. They had a truly wonderful time!

I was so proud of Maddy's growth this year. Last year we had to pray and talk through nerves while this year she is so confident and excited to dance. Her skill improvement over the year is also something to behold! WOW.

My tiny girl could NOT wait to go on stage. she's been waiting for months!

Now I can't wait until Saturday when we get to finally watch from the front of the stage...all their hard work!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my week so far

The days seem to race by and I mean to write but then...well I just don't do I?!

If you've been following along you know my girls take dance. Last Saturday was a crazy one filled with dance photos, an open house at hubby's cousins new house (which included a gawk at the new baby too) and even a dinner party at friends. Why spread things out when you can do everything all on one day?!

Anywho, here are the cutest little lions in the world waiting for their slot with the photographer. My littlest munchkin is on the far left...

And here is Maddy's ballet class all dressed up as Jasmine from Alladin. I sense a Disney theme coming for this years final recital. Mads is in the far right...

Those headpieces, although not looking too bad in these pics, are a huge pain in the ass! They didn't fit any of the girls properly. I"m not sure how we're going to get them on and be able to actually dance in them on the weekend. Ah well, not my problem as I'm not allowed backstage I don't think. My little bum will be firmly planted in the audience.
The girls have loads of fans (read: Grandparents) coming this week in anticipation of the upcoming exhibition.

Amelia surprised me this year, first with her shear enjoyment of dance lessons AND secondly with her desire to be on stage. Can this really be my child? and she wants to perform? In front of people?

Oh and in other news. Amelia visited the dentist for the first time and there is to be no more of this....

She is changing the shape of her palate and the dentist feels she may need an apparatice to stop sucking. We're trying the yucky nail polish stuff first. So far, its working although, she is NOT happy about the whole thing!