Friday, September 7, 2007

Starting a new chapter....

This has been a week of new sports (or rediscovering old sports) for our kids. I'm really excited for them as they are loving everything so much. Here's our weekend in a nutshell...
(people keep saying how busy we are but this feel like our normal life to me. Maybe it's the four kids thing?)

Saturday and Sunday Soccer Fest:
My oldest son had the opportunity to try out for the Bronze rep soccer team. They had their first tourney this weekend.
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To put it mildly, they were slaughtered lol. Seriously outplayed BUT they had fun and I think they'll improve. This is our son's first stab at competitive soccer and first time back after years of gymnastics and TKD. I think most of the boys on his team were pretty new to soccer too. They didn't seem discouraged so that's good:)
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My mom and dad came out from Vernon to see the soccer, dance and celebrate the birthday. Thanks for the pictures dad! I couldn't find any pictures of my dad BUT I assure you, he does exist! He's behind the lens most times.

Monday birthday madness:

Maddy turned six on the 4th so we all celebrated her birthday together on Monday. She is such a joy to us. I can't believe we've only had her six years! She's so intensely full of life! Anyone who knows her knows exactly what I mean by this. She's just Big voice, big moves, big love! She's awesome!
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Here she is enjoying her candy post candy hunt. Nothing like pounding sugar on your birthday. We don't mess around over here - straight into the veins! (scroll down to yesterday's post for a couple more pics of the birthday princess, her Uncle Ty and her cousin Emilee).

We went light on the gifts this year, mostly because we all seem to have everything we could ever want or need. Guess what?! She didn't even notice! Loved the Playmobil from Gramma & Papa & Cousins...
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Yup we're on the tramp there...don't ask!

Here's some more of her fans...Gramma & Papa Speilman, Auntie Randa(the paparazzi) and Gr. Gramma. Our girl is well loved!
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I have to post this. It's so cute/funny/crazy. Anyone who has kids knows what a webkinz girls especially LOVE them. Maddy has loved her gray cat to the point of it having very little stuffing and fur. Grandma Reid knew that these cats enjoy a lot of special care so she thought knitting them new outfits would be just about right. Grandma is the best!
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Tuesday was dance day for all princesses....
This day was anticipated by my youngest daughter for at least 6 months. Auntie Val (helps run the dance studio) told her that if she didn't pee in her pants anymore she could come to dance. Amelia has been trained and waiting since January.

Getting her shoes on...
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She was all alone in her class and loved it!

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Following the teacher very closely!
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Learning to point her toes...
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So tired at the end that she needs a cuddle from mom and a bit of time on the thumb!
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Maddy started her first jazz class too...
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She's such a big girlie now! She has jazz and ballet back-to-back this year so I leave her for two hours and she gets herself all suited up and ready for ballet. I'm pretty proud!

This week...
Isaac starts soccer as well so stay tuned for him in his cute soccer gear. Kev is coaching Isaac's U10 team this year which wasn't exactly the plan but should be fun! Go Dad Go!

Here's Isaac having a snack, getting ready for the week...
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Canadian Bird said...

You guys ARE busy, but it just reminds me of our household growing up...5 kids! We were all always involved with activities of one kind or another. Mom must of felt like a shuttle service. I know I sure did as soon as I got my driver's license...Mom & Dad had me driving my siblings EVERYWHERE. They probably looked at each other & thought they should have petitioned to drop the driving age YEARS before! haha
It's awesome, Shay, to see how active your family is like that. You kids will really come to appreciate you guys someday for all they were able to experience. I know I do!
Good to have you back on the blog too! :)

Kristen said...

Looks like an action packed week! Tons of fun, thanks for posting all the great photos. I HAVE to find my camera charger, I haven't taken photos in more than a month!
Love you guys, ttys, off to.... hockey, yep, hockey.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Ooooh, is Madeleine wearing a Hanna Andersson dress? Their trademark is coordinating stripey socks, so that's what made me wonder.

Homeschool Book Club starts back up again today.....followed by Education Days on Fridays. I like when my kids are busy. Less time and energy for them to fight each other and destroy the house!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I love those ballet photos! What a beautiful little ballerina!

Anonymous said...

Oh my your kids are beautiful! Thanks for popping back to my blog, I see that you guys are doing great!