Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're home!

We've been back for a couple of days may I recommend a holiday with a family you never get to see but love like they're family! Very enjoyable AND relaxing!

We lay in the sun, ate, drank, lay in the sun, ate drank, lay in the sun....well you get the picture.

I'll post pics as soon as I have them out of the camera...I'm usually so much more on the ball than this but I volunteered for our church's soccer camp this week so I'm doing that every am. We were all bagged yesterday! I don't even think the kids had fun, it was just all too much after just coming home BUT today was waaaaaaaaay better! Nothing like a little sleep!

Oh and we bought a boat. Yup you heard right. On Wednesday just before we needed to leave for our holiday our hubbies started to think about the holiday (we left Friday. Yes, it's a guy thing!). Kev (my hub) started to phone around about renting a boat and found that it's freakin' expensive. I'm not sure why this shocks us every year, but it does and it's always totally expensive!

Anyway, he jokes that he should buy one (also go thru this ever year so I didn't think much of it) but this year is different, this year we live super close the the US border AND we have our new best friend CRAIG'S LIST!! YAY for Craig, whoever he was!!!

Kev and his bil found a couple boats, drove to Seattle and back to check on them and returned dragging an older (but still great) boat that they got for a screaming deal.
We are having a blast with the old thing even though it required repairs and isn't too flashy. My hub can not pass on a great deal:)

Stay tuned for a couple of photos of the fun in the sun....


Chey said...

We have a boat. We couldn't live without it, it's the best summer acessory ever!!

LoriD said...

A boat! How posh. My husband grew up on the lake, so had sailboats, motor boats and lots of canoes and kayaks. He would be jealous of your purchase.

Sniz said...

Oh wow! That sounds incredible! And a boat? I say again, wow. I'm so, so glad you had such a great time and am glad you finally got the sleep you needed when you got home.

Have a great day!


Aunt Becky said...

Oooo! I want a boat! Can't wait to see pictures.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Had the best time Shay, thanks for being so organized and with it-I couldn't do the lake week without your. Oh and my finger is mostly healed now, a little sore but not broken. ugh.
I put a bunch of photos up on my blog and tons more on my photo blog. I have barely any of our big boys and none of you while you weren't talking, hee hee.
I am slowly recovering, I had two 3 hour naps on Tuesday and then slept all night. Still sleepy!
Off to the park, have a great day,

Don Mills Diva said...

Welcome back Shay!

Hunny Bee May said...

A boat sounds like fun!! We dream of getting one for Lake Michigan someday. You guys will have fun getting it in order and being out on the water. Congrats!

Amy said...

I hope you had a super time! I missed ya!