Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I should be remembering....

as today is Rememberance day here in Canada. We honour all those who bravely gave their lives so we can enjoy our freedom. I am always brought to tears by these ceremonies. I can't help being keenly aware that each on of those gleaming white crosses or headstones represents a lifetime of grief and loss.

I wrote this post before I watched the ceremony however so beware...total babyish whining coming up:

Birthdays suck as an adult. don't get me wrong, I love my birthday. It was always so special when I was a kid. A whole day (or at least a few hours) filled with friends and fun and cake (love me some cake!). We used to joke that I had a "birthday month" rather than just a day.

But as an adult...stupid thing sucks hard.

I've had some wonderful ones over the years so I shouldn't be such a whiner. Hubby took me to Sechelt for a couple of nights where we stayed on the side of a cliff in a Yurt (sp?!) which is essentially an upscale tent. There was a storm. Amazing. Oh, and one year I got diamond earrings! YAY! Presents...love me some presents!
I've had birthdays where I had to make my own cake and birthdays where everyone I knew brought a cake over and one with no cake at all...won't go there.

I get so pissy around the time up to my birthday. Like my husband says, I do have expectations. I don't even know what there are, but I do know they aren't being met. See...stupid and juvenile!

Mostly I like people. I'd love a day filled with different people and doing interesting things....but it's ceased being about me long long ago, which is what you find out when you're the mom. My hubby had the helpful suggestion that I should plan my own event.

"If you want a party, Shay. You plan it!"

Cool right?! ...Can you feel the sarcasm?

... but he might just be onto something. I might just do that

...next year. (Maybe I want to be in Mexico on my birthday?! Becareful what you encourage me to do!)

This year, I think the hubs and I will go out for dinner and maybe a movie, which I also love. And my sil and mil are taking me for lunch on Sunday and it may even involve some shopping! It's all good.

Here's to my birthday! I obviously need to stop being such a huge baby about the whole thing and just get overmyself already.

And I will.

On Tuesday, which is the day after my birthday.

Until then I will have to pray for an attitude adjustment I guess. The whole thing usually turns out great. I'm always struck by how much everyone loves me and how good God has been to me.

So.....maybe I am growing up! Birthday months are over rated anyway!


Kellan said...

I am always sort of pissy too before my Birthday and Anniversary. My husband and my 25th Anniversary is on the 17th and I can already feel the pissy-ness coming on - tee hee! I hope you enjoy your Birthday and I definitely think you should plan a trip to Mexico for next year!

Take care, Shay - Kellan

x said...
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Hunny Bee said...

Happy Belated Birthday! If I lived near (and had lots of $$) you I'd bring you a cake and diamonds and take you shopping. I love how you said it ceases to be about you after you're a mom! Ha! You said it! But I hope you have a great day anyway!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Aw sweetie, you know I so relate. And I think we should take that trip together, you and me, so we can both try not to whine about our bdays.
Love ya!

Lori said...

I think you are absolutely right- you should plan your birthday! And make no apologies for it! You should have a great day and do whatever will make you smile.

I love presents too....

Badness Jones said...

Oh am I with you! Sam will be 2 on December 6th, and as we're having EVERYONE here for Christmas, I told Hubs that I didn't feel up to holding a big party. Well didn't he just get all pissy, that it wasn't fair for the boy not get as many guests as the girl? But has the husband ever done anything to help with the parties? No. Has the husband ever made a fuss over MY birthday? No. Will the husband be helping get ready for Christmas? No. If I thought it would make a difference to Sam, I'd put in the effort. But to be honest, he's overwhelmed with all those people anyway. And I think he's pretty lucky, the town is throwing him a parade for his birthday....ok, OFFICIALLY it's about Santa, but he doesn't have to know that!

Badness Jones said...

Happy Birthday!

Aunt Becky said...

Oh Shay, I totally get what you're saying here. I pitched a massive temper-tantrum this year when my birthday truly was just another day.

I was so depressed it hurt.

Happy Birthday, Shay. Maybe next year you and I can go to Mexico together :)

Sniz said...

Girl, how old are you...or you don't want to say? I gotta tell you that the way you described your expectations exactly mirrors how I feel when my birthday rolls around. As a mom, we do everything for everyone else and we just want a day that's all about US, right? I could have written this! Thanks for sharing and have a great week, Shay!

Cyriously? said...

My birthday is less than 2 weeks before Christmas...talk about learning to have ZERO expectation! And also about being ripped off in the presents department (love me some presents too!)
One year my husband bought me a pair of black sueded gloves (not real suede even, just sueded) and the black rubbed off on my face everytime I touched a gloved hand to it. Which I only discovered in a rather embarrasing moment.
To add insult to injury that year for his birthday (in June) my husband got an xbox.

Side note: Can it be considered a "comment" when it's 3 paragraphs long?

Chey said...

Well, I'm pretty sure you read my own birthday post this year too. I'm a bit of a cranky b----- when it comes around to my birthday too. I know exactly what you are feeling.