Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope you are surrounded by love this weekend. We have been very busy but again, for good reasons, full of company and love. We've just said good bye to good friends who spent a quick but good two days with us. There's something about old friends isn't there?

... and I should be prepping the house for our second annual Friends/Family Easter bash, instead here I am.

...priorities and anything to avoid actual house work!

Here are some pictures from last year....

The kids getting ready for the big candy hunt and the adults roasting smokies on the bonfire in our front yard....

This year we're sticking to our non-traditional food theme and going with chili (we were cold last week when we were planning it).

Levi is playing in a soccer tourney this weekend too just to add to the fun and complicate the day tomorrow. I think we've managed the logistics but time will only tell!

What are your Easter plans? I would love to say we are attending our church's Easter pancake breakfast and service BUT it looks like, again, we will be celebrating quietly at home as a family. A calm before the company starts to pour in. Sometimes I find this quiet family time more refreshing to the spirit than a crowd at church but I'd still like to take part.
...maybe next year.

I took this picture last week. I was amazed that despite the cooler than normal weather the trees are budding. This one is in full bloom now.

This is a big weekend for those of us who proclaim Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Is this the "superbowl for Christians" as someone jokingly asked our pastor? I guess it is actually. Only much more than that! Without Jesus death and resurrection we would have no hope for a future, no forgiveness for our sins and no relationship with the Lord of heaven. There is much to celebrate this weekend. So we hold a big bash and include anyone who wants to join us but mostly family and friends. Some who share our faith and some who don't but all are welcome:)

I'm looking forward to it actually. Last year was a blast. The kids hunted for candy and the adults ate, drank and enjoyed each other. What's better than that?! We are truly blessed!

The daffodils are blooming now too. Just in time for Easter!


TheVasquez3 said...

what a lovely post.

Happy Easter.

Lori said...

That sounds lovely. It seems you have such a great community of friends and family around you. You are very blessed.

We will attend church in the morning and then head over the mountains to the other side of the state to spend the rest of this week with family (it is the boy's Spring Break). It will be a nice change of pace.

Laura said...

Sounds like a wonderful Easter for you and your family. We usually do an outdoor hunt, but we still have 10 foot snow banks - so inside this year for us!!!

Happy Easter!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Happy Easter dear friend. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family. Give hellos and hugs from all of us to all of yours.
We planned on going to church this morning, but Juju was up puking all night. Brent went over with the big boys to get them to have someone else teach my class. I am holding the bucket and wiping bums. Ara is eating chocolate:)

Pregnantly Plump said...

Sounds like such a fun plan! It's so great that you are surrounded by so many loving people. We aren't super new in our area, (and pretty far from family) but we haven't made that many friends to have such a nice get-together. Our day was really nice, though. Hope you guys have lots of fun!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Hi Shay,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading about your family celebrations. Big rowdy get-togethers are THE BEST! I wish we had a bigger family, but I enjoy it all the same. HAPPY EASTER!

Becky said...

Happy Easter!

No Cool Story said...

"Superbowl for Christians" I like that!

Happy Easter!

Family Adventure said...

Beautiful post, Shay. Hope your celebrations went well :)


Jess said...

Wow I love daffodils. That last photo is lovely. I hope you had a great Easter!

Sniz said...

How did your bask go? That sounds so lovely, Shay!