Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Rainy Tuesdays are for veg-ing!

Have you noticed that the more time you have, the less actually gets done.
Yesterday was one of those day. The kids did get their school work done and I did clean the bathrooms (seriously, girls are nastier than the boys ever were - ew!) but anytime I find myself surfing celebrity blog sites (I know, I's my nasty little habit what can I say?! We're being real here right?!) I know good use is NOT being made of my time!

At one point I walked around the house to see the children exhibiting the results of my stellar parenting....

Exhibit 1: Toddler watching Barbie. Yes, I am one of those parents. Hey, at lest she's dressed and fed! (I was so much better at parenting before I actually had kids!)
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and this is what she's watching...
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Exhibit 2: Boys on their drug of choice... I am believeing this will translate in a lukrative future career as game developers... Look leave my dreams alone!
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Exhibit 3: Oldest daughter using a knife unsupervised...hey she said Gramma let her! and she did really well actually.
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Oh and here's were you find hubby most days. In his office and on the phone...
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We like to call it his "realized niche" which is a biology term from many moons ago when he was doing a Bio degree. Let's just say that if you are wondering where he is, he's here or in his truck:)

Somewhat profound...(well for me anyway)
The thing I do love best about homeschooling is that the kids have time in their life for days like this, to practice cutting strawberries, watch movies, play games and just to hang. I love watching them together. Last night I was putting the youngest to bed and the oldest came in to give her a kiss and a tickle. They are all such great friends despite the stellar parenting. I choose to believe God fills in between the cracks:) He does say, where we are weak He is strong. That pretty much carries me most days.


Kimberly said...

What sweet almost make me consider the homeschooling route myself.


Because my oldest? Ground the strawberries into the carpet while I wasn't looking. Yeah.

I have a not so secret love for the Barbie movies. Scary, eh?

mighty morphing mom said...

This is terrific Shay! Love the photos of the kids, great post:)
Those thoughts carry me too, thank you:)

I think you're crazy just like me said...

Nice! And is that a venn diagram on hubby's wall!?

Haley-O said...

What a great post! So glad to meet you! My little monkey sucks her thumb, too.... And, I'M VERY happy you surfed celeb blogs today -- hee. :)

shay said...

Kim, I'm not a huge Barbie fan BUT I secretly love those Anne Hathaway ones, Princess Diaries/Ella Enchanted.
Kris - love you too!
Crazy - He's a Venn kinda guy. What can I say, I married my opposite:)
Haley - LOVE your celeb blog! I go there all the time (shhhhh!)

Karen said...

OK you are hilarious! So glad you stopped over and commented so I could come meet you.

I homeschooled in a similar way. I loved that line "I was so much better at parenting before I actually had kids!" I almost want to put that on my blog header...

Handiemom said...

Hi! It is nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog. That is so great that you homeschool. I have complete admiration for you, particularly since I know I would be terrible at it. I'm such a procrastinator that if I homeschooled my kids they'd be learning to read when they were teenagers.

Love the pictures. My 4 year old watches that same Barbie movie. AND also sucks her thumb. I'm thinking we may have to surgically remove it.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm a homeschooling mom of 6. When we withdrew our kids from public school 3 years ago we never expected the transformation they made from sibling rivalry to working as a team to get things done. My pre-teen girls are 58% less bratty than their peers. That's a scientific fact. I watch them effortlessly talk to adlts and they don't feel too cool to play with little kids.

Ummm, what was that about homeschoolers not getting 'socialization?'

No Cool Story said...

"I was so much better at parenting before I actually had kids"

So true. I was delightfully perfect. Oh well.
Great pictures, love your husband's office wall color.

The New Parent said...

Hi S--your post lays out some of the reasons that, though my little one will be attending a preschool, I am a supporter of those who home school.

Sounds like they're coming along nicely (smile).