Monday, June 23, 2008

Okay. Okay I get it! I'll slow down!

Does your body ever just shut down? Mine does this to me sometimes. It's like it says, "well if she isn't going to rest. I'm just going to make her."

...So after an insanely busy week/month... Tuesday a.m. I went to boot camp (yes, I'm doing a boot camp 2 mornings a week. It rocks! Seriously. I highly recommend!) , came home did my thing and loaded the kids in the car: one boy to swimming, two girls and one dog off to Abbottsford to their last dance. (the girls NOT the dog. I'm sure she'd love to dance but I'm not sure the teacher would be so impressed). I was starting to feel tired and kind of draggy but...whatev, it's been a long month. We got there early to pick up gifties for dance instructors and then ... to dance. Suddenly I am sick but I still have 2 hours of dance and one trip to the park (remember the dog?) to wait through. Argh! It's okay. I did it.

Now the 30 min drive home and oh, there's my hubby and his dad and my boys all hungry hungry hungry. Drag my poor (now feverish) butt around for a bit more and YAY. BED!

The next day played out much the same except less driving for me and more bed. Finally at around 4:30 I lifted my overly warm head off the pillow and asked my hovering youngest child if she wanted to pray for mommy? Well, she delights in praying for people and pray she did! I believe God has a special place in His heart for the prayers of tiny girls because I almost immediately started to feel better.

I was able to get up, make dinner and spend the evening with my family. Thank you Lord!

And then I was off again.

Kev went to Edmonton for 2 days and I had to get up and take the kids to the waterslides Thursday am. I was well enough to do all of this! If I had to be sick, it was perfect timing that it happen the two days that it did.

I do feel like I need to say, "God answers prayers. Even in the little things. Quite amazing really!"

******And He answered our prayers in another area. We will be leaving for our annual trip to the lake with our bffs on Friday. AND Kristen will be joining us. Praise GOD her placenta moved!!!! She's got the thumbs up on her trip and we get to hang out with our favorite people for a week. ******


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

This is such a great post Shay! I am so glad that you are feeling better, the timing couldn't have been better. Sorry we had company last week, we always love to have Kev.
Can't wait to see you on Sunday, the kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement.
Brent said last night that he can't wait to watch Ry and Isaac together again.I agree, they are the cutest together.

WA said...

Oh, I get tired just reading all of that, Shay. But glad you're feeling better.

I loved doing Boot Camp--4 days a week at 5:30 a.m.--but then I hurt my foot & can't go anymore. Here's something ridiculous I wrote about it last year:

LoriD said...

I am always sick the first few days when I take a week off from work. I think my body knows I have time to be sick and just lets go. Glad you're feeling better!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, and what a nice post! I got little chill bumps when I read about your daughter's prayers being answered so quickly. Very sweet.

Amy said...

Boot camp is awesome - I hope you overcome your tiredness.

I got two nights a week, and I am bummed because tonight's was cancelled - I ran instead!

Take care.

The Over-Medicated Housewife said...

Good luck with Boot Camp! Wish I had that stamina. Love your header photo, beautiful.

Toni said...

When I lived in the country in Ohio, a personal trainer lived about 2 miles down the road from me. She ran boot camp every summer. I always wanted to go, but it never coincided with my work schedule. Loved the sign at the end of her 300 foot drive. It read, "Got gut?"
p.s. hope you're feeling 100% better as you read this. I love the tender prayers of children and I too have no doubt your child's prayer was heard and answered. Enjoy your vacation!!!

Family Adventure said...

Have an awesome time, Shay. Should be plenty of opportunity for fun and relaxation :)


Klin said...

Uh yes as a matter of fact, my body does tell me when I need to slow down. It dang near drops me where I am at.

Have great fun on your trip. Play lots. That's my prescription for you.

Sniz said...

I didn't know you and Kristen were going on the same vacation. That's so neat! I hope and pray you have a wonderful, relaxing time, despite the packing and "roughing" it with having to bring your own bedding. I know what you mean. Our women's retreat at church has always been a bit on the "cheap" side to save money, but every year I think how I'd be willing to pay more for someone else to do all the work so I could just be pampered and relax...that's what I call a REAL vacation/retreat! Anyways, didn't mean to complain like that! I'm so glad you're feeling better and do hope you have a great Canada Day! (Today is our Fourth of July or Independence Day here in the States...a great holiday for both of us in our respective countries, huh?)

Be well, Sniz