Thursday, June 17, 2010


So I'm not sure what's up over here on the West Coast of BC but...WE ARE FREEZING TO DEATH!!! Where oh where is summer?? Where is the sun? Where is the heat? My poor garden! My poor kids!
We are trying to fill the pool and get the yard and deck ready for a summer of BBQ's and get togethers and fun (and even grow our own food) but we need the heat to come on! Please!

Let me show you where we are so far....
This is our new two tiered garden on the left side of the path. Notice the tiny new grass coming up?! YAY - it's the upside of this cool damp weather. See the pool? This is the downside. Takes FOREVER to fill cuz we have a well and it messes with the water pressure. Also, at this point you risk hypothermia if you attempt it...
Here's the other side of the path. I wasn't quite sure how to handle the whole apple tree, garden situation may change next year. (I know, I should move shovels and bins and garbage - sorry!)
My mom and dad worked like dogs last week when they came out as hubby is still broken AND they love to garden :) Did I mention I have the best parents in the world?? Well it deserves to be repeated!

And here we have the far side of the tiered yard. That far garden always existed but my dad cleaned up the roses (thanks dad) and generally weeded. Our plan is to dig steps into that far end. It's going to be a beautiful thing!
Also, yay for tomatoes :) Hopefully if it ever warms up we'll get a bunch of fruit!
So onto my veggie patch which after all this cold wet dark weather is looking less than stellar at this point in the year. I think something may be eating my peas, but that's a conversation for another time.
Also see all that hose? This is the upside of the rainy, yucky weather. No need to hurry on the watering system..sigh! ( I think my poor plum tree may think it's fall)

And the far side of my veggie garden. See that box in the front? My girls planted this in a random, kid garden patch kind of way. Notice how it's the only place anything is really thriving? So weird!
Oh and one day, we'll have grapevines growing over a pergola! Stay tuned! Maybe the sun will come out too which would be amazing at this point! I'm very thankful for all the help and support we've had to bring it to this point. Kev has been literally on the couch (herniated disk) for the last almost 3 weeks and still God provided for this to all move forward! Awesome!

Well...there's my garden update for the week. I'm off to put on my wool socks!


Cyriously? said...

Oh my goodness, I am so with you on the wool socks! We (supposedly) live in the sunniest city in Canada and it has rained more in the last 3 days that we usually get in an entire Spring.

Glad you were able to move on with your yard projects, it looks beautiful. Isn't it just like God to provide what we need when we need it?

InTheFastLane said...

Wow! That all looks great! Nice job! And it has been warm here for a change. Thank goodness, because once I put away my wool socks for the winter, I don't want them back until at least Nov.