Monday, June 7, 2010

Two in a row...what the ...????

I know they're dark and fuzzy and sort of hard to see but I have to share. Mom and I hit the nursery today and I've got a new addiction! Plants everywhere! Also we're getting closer to being done the new rock walls and gardens. LOVE IT! Maddy and Amelia shovelled "poo" (dirt) as they called it. And Mads made the little round garden around the apple tree herself. She's pretty proud!
(disregard the shovels and the crazy landscape fabric mess. A garden mag this is not.)
And I couldn't resist this beautiful Hydrangea (just trust me on this one. It's dark and far away.)
I even managed to plant up some of my planters but most of all...I found the torches I bought at mother's day and finally got them out. This is fun!
...and tomorrow? Well, I've hardly put a dint in the flats I've bought over the last few days. I have another table exactly like this on the other side of the deck too :)
Happy Spring!!!

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Cyriously? said...

Shay WELCOME BACK! I've missed your blog. So glad I'll have another good read while my tea is steeping.

Also, thank you for the comment on my blog. It's so nice to hear you're not alone when you just want to ride your tricycle!