Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finishing up and looking to next year...

It seems that the older the kids get, the shorter the break between finishing up for this school year and beginning to think about next. So this year? I feel like I'm planning next before we're even quite through this one.
Son number one is to blame (but in a good way). He decided quite suddenly to get serious about his school life which means, summer classes and planning for next year and thinking about what he wants to be when he grows up. What brought this on you might ask? Well I'm not quite sure but let's just say that giving him a concrete short term goal (a new laptop) and a long term purpose to shoot for (working toward an Engineering degree) has certainly worked for this one!

What better than to make a mom feel her age then to have her oldest going into Grade 10!! He's almost 15 and really becoming a man. This would make him so embarrassed to hear but, I'm very proud of him! And really excited to see occasional glimpses of the man that God created him to be peaking through the eyes of the boy he's leaving behind.

Here he is as I dropped him off at the airport last week so he could head off to Edmonton to attend a huge Christian Youth weekend with an old friend....

The crazy thing about kids is, we'll probably have to use something completely different to help motivate and inspire boy number two...and then girl number one and then girl number two...I think God designed it that way, just so we don't get bored or get any rest. Certainly keeps me praying!

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Mary said...

It's great to see you blogging again! I still had you in my google reader. Your son is very handsome :)