Wednesday, May 2, 2007

sleepy, rainy days and other myths...

I found this video...
Click here to see how much worse it can be at the office:) See staying at home with the kids is not that bad.

I think I mentioned that I'm a homeschooler. Since moving to Langley my kids have had the opportunity to go to a homeschool school one day a week. Today is the day! It's so fun for them and a great break for me. I should be running, cleaning and playing with my toddler BUT I'm here, typing. GUILT!! We have Bible study here tonight and the house looks like a bomb went off. Two bombs actually, one is 3 the other is 5.

I look at my poor youngest and think, "I was so much more fun when the boys were little." Maybe I only thought I was though. Luckily, your memory is the first thing to go.

My hubby is 35 on Friday. I know this is going to stress him out (VERY high achiever, married my opposite obviously) and the last thing I feel like doing is celebrating another birthday. Poor guy! I was up 2 lbs at my weigh in on Monday. Although, I'm still under goal weight, I've been quietly obsessing about this since. 2lbs is like a hundred, and what if I don't stop there! YIKES! See there I go...must reign the madness in. See how I can make everything all about me?! It's a gift really!

Oh and this is my all time fav SNL skit. If anyone know where I can get me some of this...
Click here

Okay now I really do have to go for a run! Enjoy whatever weather you're having.


Kimberly said...

I find that the more time I have the more I waste. My mom once had dishtowels that had written on them "Hassle Me. I Thrive on Stress." Love that!

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I saw your post on 'Mom's the Name'. There's two things you can do. One is to hand the camera off to the hubby now and then - and if he doesn't snap you then you hit him with a stick. Or use positive reinforcement instead. When he does take your picture - reward him with a biscuit or a piece of jerky. I trained my dobie that way.

The other thing you can do is include yourself in the pictures you take. Turn your back to the subject. You can get great pics holding the camera at arms length and pointing it half at your face with the family or what not over your shoulder. It's a blind shot but these days composition isn't critical. Casual (even slanted) shots are hip - and you can always crop etc on the computer later.

Don't leave yourself out of the photos! You (and others) will regret it later.