Thursday, February 15, 2007

Busy but having fun...

Sorry for the cyber-silence. We have been BUSY. But who isn't right?! Not a good excuse!


I lost weight. Weigh in is Monday night and I'm down 3.4lbs. I am starting to feel fantastic, even did the "mill" a couple of times this week AND managed to not eat as much Valentine goodness as I normally would have. I did fall off the wagon a couple of time BUT not the same crash and burn the pre-ww me would have done.
My hubby, who generally sucks at the whole special day thing, redeemed himself nicely with a sweet pair of lululemon yoga pants. I now NEED a hoodie!! YAY hubby! Who knew yoga pants could cost so much $$$. YIKES!

Oh and some proud parent news!!!
Maddy, my 5 year old, is officially a skier now. She took lessons all last year too but spent almost all her time laying on the hill letting her instructor cart her around. Imagine my delight when I saw her and her little class heading of to the ski lift! She got it! YAY!
Here she is on a beautiful day at Mount Baker, WA, USA.
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and again
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I almost cried when I saw her go off with her brothers and cousins up the hill. They are all getting to be so grown up! How does this happen so fast?!

Oh and the baby (she's 3 so not technically a baby) is officially potty trained! Very exciting for me and for her. She is "big" now and needs to do everything and I mean everything herself. VERY time consuming for me but she is a happy little camper! She came out of her room the other day and announced that she "made her bed, mommy!" She went from baby to kid in like two days....crazy!

I am avoiding bathroom cleaning, lunch making and tons and tons of laundry right now.
How is everyone one else dealing with the dreary days of February? I'm getting used to the Westcoast drizzle rather than the Calgary freezing wind but I do miss the sunshine. Leave comments, to hear about others weight loss victories or challenges....

Okay, now I really do have to feed the kids. Cheers...

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mighty morphing mom said...

Aw! How cute is she! Yay Mads!!
Congrats on the weight loss, pretty impressive for a skinny gal;0) Good on dh for the pants! Very thoughtful!
Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day,