Friday, February 9, 2007

Life, sleeping, eating, kids and other comments....

In my defense I did warn you this was a rambling, stream of conscientiousness kind of a blog for me. I noticed that some other bloggers were playing this game. Tag. And the blogger writes for 5 minutes without editing. I was thinking "What?! Isn't that just how everyone does it? How is that a game?! Lol." Obviously there is more forethought involved in other people's writing. I, however, am always playing the "tag" game. That will also account for the numerous spelling and punctuation errors. Feel free to point them out as I'm more than happy to learn as I go:)

First I wanted to answer the many "What Weight Watchers?! Are you crazy?" Comments in my comment section. Just so you know, yes I am crazy, that's just a given from this point on okay?!

Just and aside but, does anyone ever really see themselves as they really are? AND would I post a picture that made me look fat and awful?! NO! I chose the nicest one I could find, taken 5 - 10 lbs ago in the summer.

But I do realize I'm not traditional WW material. My goal is to lose 15lbs and get back some of the control over my eating and food choices that has been eroded over the years of eating leftovers off the kids plates and sitting in my car stuffing some fast food concoction into my giant maw. I also love to bake. Not a problem except that I love to bake big gooey yummy cakes. Also not a problem, except that my fav thing in the whole world is to eat gooey yummy cakes. Are you seeing the issue?
I am loving WW! I feel back in the driver's seat and am feeling healthier etc. Have any of you tried it? Thoughts? comments? I love to hear what other people do. I love the point counting thing. Gives me something to do while not eating. And I love that I can eat everything I usually do but in more realistic amounts. I find I'm making way better food choices.

Anyone have a great lower fat recipe for me? I am making roast duck tonight. (no I'm not a gourmet cook. I have a friend that raises duck.)

I am having so much trouble getting out of bed in the morning. What is up with that?! I just want to turn over and sleep for another 30 minutes every day. My girls, of course, will hear none of that so they hound me like the snooze buttons that they are until I drag my sorry butt out of bed. As I look out into dreary, drizzly mist that is a Vancouver area winter, I think, "maybe I have S.A.D?"
Deep in side I have this sneaking suspicion that I'm actually just a tiny bit lazy. If I don't have a reason (other than 400 loads of laundry, breakfast dishes or vacuuming) than I just don't want to get up.

How do all you wonderful homemakers (working or not) do it? Do you leap out of bed in the morning, thinking "Ah, another day to make my home even more beautiful and inviting than the day before".
Because, I get up, drag my butt to the coffee maker, while stepping on or over toys and clothes and think "Ug, what tedious, meaningless task can I do today?" "and why bother? As a Christian wife and mother, I realize that I am doing this all for the glory of God but YIKES how to inform my body of that joy!

Some days are better than others in that department but I seem to be missing the orderly gene that my mom carries in her make-up.

Thanks for those of you who commented. I love feedback! Oh and check out Tracy's blog (NewHomestead one). I added the link to my favs. She actually has something useful and insightful to say AND I know she's not playing TAG.



Tracy said...

"Leap out of bed"? *SNORT*

No, Shay, most of us do not "leap" anywhere prior to our first... um... pot... of coffee.

I "drag my butt to the coffee maker" (which, because I know myself in the mornings, was prepared and set for automatic brew the night before -- yes, I'm lazy enough in the morning that making coffee seems beyond me...) just like you -- and open my eyes somewhere around my third cup.

Actually, the only thing that gets me moving is knowing that I have a finite amount of time before the boys are up and around and we get started on our day, whether that is schoolwork, or whatever. I treasure my mornings.

As for the WW thing... I've eaten your baking, and I know exactly what you mean. So, no, I still don't believe you *NEED* WW, but if it does something for you, hey -- go for it!

And thanks for the plug -- but you have to know that the postings on my page really are a "stream of consciousness" kind of thing, for the most part. Really :)

mighty morphing mom said...

Yeah, no leaping out of bed around here either. And I am even too lazy to make coffee in the morning, or remember to put it on the night before. So.... I just drag my butt for a few hours, usually til after lunch!
I am totally sympathizing with you here, my life often feels like a thankless merry-go-round of the same messes to clean up, the same fights with my kids...
I know we are doing what God has for us, but our rewards in heaven often seem very far off, lol. Well, sweet slobbery toddler kisses are pretty awesome rewards, and so are the heart to heart chats with my boys, so all in all it is pretty good, isn't it!?
Love ya, and thanks for sharing!