Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hello from the crazy house!

So many of my friends find blogging cathartic that I thought, "I must try this". I am desperately in need of finding my own voice these days.

I'm a 34 year old stay at home mom to 4 beautiful, healthy, energetic and very messy children. I love them dearly even on those days when I hide in the bathroom just to get a moment alone. I had so many ideas of myself as a mother. None of them included me yelling or crying on the phone to my husband in the middle of an endless day. Yikes, should I reveal this about myself the first time you "meet" me. Maybe not! I home school too. Did I mention that? It's wonderful and terrible all at the same time, much like parenting.
I love watching their eyes light up with new knowledge or watching my eleven year old son take his 3 year old sister by the hand and show her how to do something. I love that we can go to the ski hill all day every Tuesday. I hate feeling like I'm failing them, that they may not get to adulthood with all the skills and knowledge that they should have. What if I forget something? Or I don't know something? This is one of the reasons I love my super logical husband, who says things like. Ask the kids to help you! or you've never seen a 10 year old wearing diapers. He is wonderful and my rock!

Oh and I ramble, hence the title of my blog. I think maybe I've found my forum. The more rambling the better it seems and most likely noone will even read it so it's just for me:)

Well off to make Valentines cookies and candy with my 5 year old that I'm going to try not to eat. I'm on Weight Watchers week 1. (yes it had come to that!)

Leave a comment if you do come by:)


mighty morphing mom said...

Yay! you are here. You are a natch at this blogging thing-I can totally see you in your writing.
Happy blogging, I am going to link you to my blog now, if you don't mind?

Rawstazia said...

I really enjoyed reading this, got me giggling & thinking about how I'm not the only one who loves the crazy, stressful joyfullness of it all! I'll be back to read more! Your little one's a cutie, too! & you don't look like ya need weightwatchers! LOL!
Blog away!

Tracy said...

I love your blog, Shay! A is GROWING!

You are very much missed here, you know. You could come back... but then I'm leaving, too -- so maybe not.

Hoping to get out to see you before we move east again. But a little birdie told me you might be in town soon -- maybe we can see you then.

I've got a site/blog/thing going on, too -- so visit me there! I'll link to you --


Anonymous said...

Hi Shay, Heidi here - nice to see your bloggin' now! I will link your blog too if you like! You!? on Weight Watchers!?! What mirror have you been looking in???hee hee hugs, Heidi