Friday, December 14, 2007

I think I'm loosing it a bit. My groove. My drive to run. I'm still running but not as far. I only ran 6 k instead of 10 on Monday and for 45 mins on my tread mill Thursday instead of my hour outside. I think this would all be fine if I wasn't eating so much but I just helped eldest son to polish off a bag of M & M's. Have you tried those new dark one??? YUMMY!! Worth every bite! YUM.

So I want to stay in shape but I also want to enjoy my holiday and the food is a big part of that. Is this just going to be a constant tension in my life? I don't think I'm quite ready to give up chocolate, wine or the odd cookie.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm trying to find some balance. A way to be fine with the way I feel and look while NOT sending the wrong messages to my kids, especially my daughters. I want to be able to enjoy a great meal with my friends and family without talking about how I have been "bad" or shouldn't be eating it. I also want to be able to turn off my craving for sweets when the season is over.

Mostly I'd like to do more of this:

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This is from our family walk last weekend. We just put aside the baking and the house cleaning and went outside.
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Maybe that's my answer. Just get outside and stop worrying so much about the whole food thing.

Tomorrow's going to be a crazy busy day BUT it will start with a nice long 11 km run followed by our tradition of a coffee and muffin. I can't wait!


Family Adventure said...

Shay, I know *exactly* where you are coming from! The balance between enjoying life and sending the right messages to your children AND keeping active and feeling good about yourself.

And sometimes the answer is just to go for a walk, like you said.

I'm so impressed you are still running outside. Isn't it icy ever? We just couldn't do it here -- too dangerous.

Hope you enjoy your run this morning - and your well-deserved muffin :)


Badness Jones said...

I think you're doing great....the immense amount of snow has curtailed my just isn't safe. But I'm still thinking about it, walking with the kids, walking at the mall (hee!) and waiting for the snow to melt.

I feel the same way about my kids, especially the Princess....she is still totally at peace with her body...she has no flaws, real of imagined, and no shame. I envy her, and feel very protective of that too.

Kellan said...

You are something - 11K runs and all!!! I think you do have to try and just balance all of it and that will make you happy - and some of those M&M's will make me happy! Have a good Saturday. See you later. Kellan

Margaret said...

Entirely too cute....and the puppy? Aaackk...can barely handle puppy cuteness!!!

Kristen said...

I think you are on exactly the right path. Just do. Be with your kids, enjoying activity with them, not agonizing over every bite or feeling guilt all the time. Keep up your running schedule most of the time so you stay in the habit, but acknowledge that your body may need a rest sometimes and that is okay too.
Of course I can't really talk as I seem to be very good at rationalizing why I can't get in the habit of running. The sporadic activity I have been doing is not helping all that much. Especially to counter balance my chocolate consumption.
You inspire me every day with your commitment.

Don Mills Diva said...

Sounds like you're doing just fine. I think it's good for kids to see you take time for yourself to keep in shape as long as you emphasize you're doing it to feel healthy and strong more than for weight control. Enjoy your run and muffin tomorroe!

Rick said...

Those M&M's - too yummy, I agree. I like the peanut butter filled ones too.

Hunny Bee May said...

Um, yeah, you're such a slacker. Only 45 minutes? I run like 4 or 5 HOURS. Every morning. And night. And in between. BEAT THAT!

Just kidding.

You runner people make me crazy. Sometimes I go for a walk. If I feel like it. And the weather's nice. And I feel like it.

My diet generally follows that same description.

Btw...I posted the special instructions you asked for. Shhh, keep it a secret.

Have a good one.