Tuesday, December 4, 2007

yummy dinner. time with hubby. wonderful!

Well what a nice evening. Isn't it interesting that the planned events, birthdays, anniversary's, Valentine's Day (I hate V -day but that rant is for another time!) are some times forced and stilted? They're always nice enough but there's so much riding on them. Too many expectations and sometimes the timing is off.

My mom and dad are still in town after watching my kidlets for my girls weekend and they told Kev and I to have an evening out. It was so great! We went for the best dinner ever and had a wonderful chat. I forget sometimes why we fell in love. He's wonderful! So smart and fun. I can't imagine my life without him by my side! Love ya babe! I love that we can talk about nothing, our business, our kids and years into our future all in the same hour. We have so many fun years ahead of us.

We went to The Lamplighters in Fort Langley. My bil and sil told us how amazing it was and we'd tried unsuccessfully to get a table a couple of other times. It seems Tuesday evening on a cold dark rainy night is exactly the time to get a very popular restaurant all to yourself.
We had a lovely bottle of wine and an amazing meal! I had the seared Tuna and Kev had "the best steak of his life!" - YUMMY!

At the same time as we were out dining, boy number one went to his first ever formal Christmas banquet. We dropped him off and watched him go in. He's like me in so many ways but I see his confidence emerging and it that he's nothing at all like his mom. I'm so glad! His good friend couldn't make it so he went alone. He doesn't really know anyone else there very well AND he still had a great time! YAY Levi!

As we arrived our neighbor drove up to drop off his daughter. She's only a year older and is many feet taller but looks 18 while our son looks 10. I remember the days of towering over all the boys. I tell Levi just to give it time but I'm not sure he believes me.

Well, I'd best sign off. I finally get to see the end of The Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest. We went to the cheap theater in Vernon but they had some weird alarm go off just before the end. VERY strange that!


Margaret said...

am i the only person who couldn't get into the Pirates of the Caribbean?

Kristen said...

Sounds like a perfect evening:)
Isn't weird to see our boys growing into young men? And wonderful!

Chey said...

What a great evening. Shane and I don't do V-day at all. We didn't go out for our Anni-v this past year either...come to think of it I think we even skipped B-day dinners too. It seems that life just gets so busy and parenting takes such a huge priority that we never just do something together, and when we do it seems awkward as sad as that sounds.

We've had $100 in GC's for Ric's Grill sitting on our mantle for about 6 months and haven't found the time to use them. :o(

Anyway, before I bring you down, I'm so glad you had a great evening.

Sniz said...

My son is the same way as Levi, only he's 14 and has NOT hit a growth spurt. He just recently hit the five foot mark and is so skinny---no muscles there. I feel bad for him, but he is confident too despite his small size!

Haley-O said...

I still have to see that Pirates....

So nice that you had such a nice evening together. Every couple needs that!

I sooooooo need that with my hubby. Our Saturday Nite entertainment has been Rated G for too long now!!!