Thursday, December 27, 2007

Joy and family and a couple extra pounds....

What a wonderful couple of days. Our Christmas always starts on Christmas Eve as Kev's family celebrate in the German (?) tradition of opening all the presents etc after dinner on Christmas eve. It's pretty magical.

Super Sister-in-law (I think that may be her new name) came through with the most amazing dinner! She wins hands down as the cook of the season!

Yes, even the dogs joined in the celebration. See we're "those" dog people now!

We mostly watched her work her magic (I think Amelia took this one)
and hung out getting Christmas cuddles from our last baby. (Can I still call her a baby once she's four?)...

At the kids table, crazy mayhem ensued...
So it was pretty much business as usual:)
We have a tradition where Papa reads the Christmas story from a huge old coloring book that my hubby and sister-in-law colored as kids. It was touching and precious this year to have the four older boys each take a turn with Papa in reading. I remember when they were tiny boys and could barely sit still long enough to read through even a page and here they are, on the cusp of becoming young men... amazing!


And then came the crazy, exciting present bit! They were all pretty excited. We don't go overboard on presents but they all loved everything so much it was fun to watch!

Here's the, "oh, I can't believe how much I love it!" face...

followed by the, "waaaaaa-whoooooo. You rock! You totally rock" dance and song....

Wonderful, magical evening.

The second half of our Christmas tradition started when we came home to fill the stockings with my mom and dad and brother.


"And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care...."


In the morning, we got up too early and had a wonderful day of more gifts and more food.
My dad took the pictures so hopefully I'll have them later!

It was a great couple of days filled with love and family.


Kellan said...

I think your last line describes it all - it looks like it was just wonderful and so many great pictures. Kellan

Don Mills Diva said...

Those pictures are just wonderful - you are lucky to have such a close and loving family. Glad you had such a great time!

Haley-O said...

Gorj family!! :) Love the nails, Shay!! ;) Happy holidays!!!

Kristen said...

Merry Christmas Shay! Your celebrations look amazing and fun, what terrific family you have. The kids are getting so big so fast, I love the shot of the kids day at supper. Ryley holds his kid's wine glass just like Isaac.
We so miss you and thought of you over the holidays, we just got home so when I find my dead phone and charge it, we will give you all a call.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

My baby juste turned 5 last week....and YES, she's still a baby. Well, my baby, anyway.

Your family is so photogenic and I loved seeing all your pictures!
Looks like you guys had a fantastic Christmas.

Margaret said...

Your fireplace ROCKS!!!!

Looks like a great time with many, many memories.

Kerry said...

Sounds like a fun time! Love family traditions.

a kelly said...

Great pics, great moments!!
That fireplace is just MADE for a big family to hang stockings...
Glad to meet you and your gang!

Family Adventure said...

Beautiful pictures. Your daughter has the most expressive face :)

We celebrate on Christmas Eve, too, but you are doubly lucky to do it both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My boys would be so envious!

Happy New Year!


Victoria said...

Looks like a wonderful, warm family celebration! A belated Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Happy New Year!