Monday, November 26, 2007

Dogs and kids and other great pleasures...

I'm not sure who said this but I keep running into it so I thought I should share it with you. It was on the white board at the local pool on Friday, of all places.

"Dance as if no one were watching, sing as if no one were listening, and live everyday as if it were your last."

I am struck at how little my life looks like this. I don't "live out loud" in anyway that I can see. I don't think this was always true of me but I learned at a really young age that being expressive was not safe or acceptable.

I watch my oldest daughter and think that she has not learned this lesson and I'm glad. Maybe I haven't passed my fears onto her? She is all personality and it's wonderful to watch. No one says "Maddy? Hmmm. Which one is she?" People say things like, "Oh you're Maddy's mommy!" lol. I love her spirit!
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And her younger sister is right on her heals. The two of them are a force to be contended with. My desire for them is that they grow up being able to fully be who God has created them to be. Without self consciousness!
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My sister-in-law and I took our younger kids and our dogs on a big long walk yesterday. It was a blast and the kids did great! Amelia snapped a photo of us. How great is the light in this one?!
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I love watching son #2 when he's the oldest or the only boy. He's really wonderful and truly shines.
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I'm humbled and kind of freaked that I've been entrusted with these kids! CRAZY!

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Katrina said...

Awww! What a beautiful family! Wouldn't you agree that sometimes having 4 kids is a lot like herding cats? :o)

Kellan said...

This gave me chills - this beautiful post, Shay! I loved it and the great pictures of your beautiful children!! I can see you are a good mom and the smiles on your children's faces show how happy their lives are - I am glad for you and your children! What a gift. Take care. Kellan

Family Adventure said...

Hi Shay,

Came through Badness. You have the most gorgeous kids! I am so impressed that you are homeschooling all four of them. I was just sitting here wondering how I could go through a day of helping my oldest boy through his homework without losing my patience. Not good! I'll have to keep up with your blog for pointers!

BTW - we have boys almost the same age - mine are 10 (11 in January) and 7. I don't have any adorable girls, though, like you do!

Great blog!

Heidi :)

Kristen said...

They are terribly wonderful kids! We adore them Shay, God has really blessed us hasn't he?
Love you guys,

Badness Jones said...

How cute are you and your family! Go read my post today - it's the update on my running, and I say all kinds of lovely things about you!

LoriD said...

Gorgeous pictures. Gorgeous family! I really like the picture of you and your SIL - your hair looks like it's on fire!

mountain said...

What a beautifully written post and great pictures of your family. It looks like you must all have a lot of fun together.

Amy said...

hi shay. i found your blog from your comment on mary's blog!!! your children are beautiful. what amazing images. it was really nice to read your post this morning as i am sitting here wondering how to start my day. i think we share a common interest....running. though, i am not running nearly as much as i would like to lately. take care.

Banana said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like an ad for an outdoor adventure vacation. :)

Chey said...

Hey Shay. You are right, Maddy is ALL Maddy!! Only meeting her once she is an unforgettable child. Full of life is an understatement!!

I love the pictures they are fantastic, it's great to see the kids!!

Margaret said...

Absolutely beautiful pics. Fabulously cute children and adorable puppies!!!