Friday, November 23, 2007

What Friday already???

My plan was to write every day. Opps, I didn't even make it every other day - YIKES! Good I don't work for a paper or anything.

I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head and none of them are really that interesting or witty or even worth writing. Maybe that's more why I haven't written since Tuesday? BUSTED!

I came across a quote in a book I'm reading that really impacted me. I keep sitting down to read it and start at that same line. I'm pretty dense, maybe I need the reminder.

"Now - listen carefully. Forgiveness is a choice. It is not a feeling - don't try to feel forgiving. It is and act of the will."
From Captivating by John & Stasi Eldredge

It's strange that this line would hit me so hard because I don't actually have trouble forgiving people. Anyway, thought I'd share it.

We meet with a group of people from our church ever second week. It's a great idea actually because these are mostly not people we'd ever really get to know in any other way. We have dinner together as families, do a short bible study together, and pray for one another. It's good but I feel like it's so hard to really get to know each other. That we're always kind of staring out at each other from behind our windows.

It has sort of lead me lately to think about community and connection with other people. How do we form communities? Do they really matter (I think they do)? Why do I never feel like I truly know people or that they know me? Do we ever actually let people in to "know" us? I am shocked and humbled by the blogs I read sometimes. They are so raw and real. People really letting you into their heart of hearts. Is this just something that's easier to do in the anonymity of the blogosphere?

These are my random thoughts for today. No pictures or witty repartee from me:) Chat among yourselves.


Kellan said...

I think blogging is a gift for people to let out some of their demons, tell their wonderful stories, reach out to others for assistance and friendship ... don't you? I think it's hard to reach the point where people really know each other. I'm one of those people that just tells people stuff right up front, my sister is that way too. Most people are more guarded. Take care and see you soon. Kellan

Kristen said...

Gosh. Your questions about community are ones I have been asking myself lately. And that I have been exploring a bit with my MC in my novel.
Does anyone truly know me? Why not? How can I possibly trust someone that much?
One thing that came to me was the importance of spiritual mentors, someone you can trust implicitly, who has earned this trust through their guidance and involvement in your life. Someone to pray with and share with.
I really don't see a lot of this happening in the Church these days. At least in my experience. Partly because for many of us, community doesn't really exist. If we had a close knit community, there would be women (or men for men) who would watch us grow up and whom we could look up to and maybe we would naturally develop these types of relationships. I know when my Mom became a Christian, it was because of ladies like this, who took an interest in a young mom, shared with her and supported her and then discipled her into relationship with Christ. I had women like that in my life as a teen, but when I grew up and moved away I lost than lifeline. I started attending much larger congregations where it was much easier to follow my natural inclination to get lost in the crowd. Keep my anonyminity.
I think that maybe we have lost something very important that we need to find and cultivate, especially with the young people coming up. I think they are our responsibility in some way. And because I think I would like to be truly known. Truly known and loved anyways. That is the love of Christ.

Haley-O said...

I LOVE random thoughts! Great "ramblings"! ;)