Tuesday, November 20, 2007

not every day but...better than before...

I'm trying something new...being consistent. I know, crazy right?!
Okay so only in the areas of reading my bible and writing in my blog.

Where are my priorities?

Here's were I should be consistent if I was a "good" wife/mum

1. laundry. Everyday and folding it! I know you laundry people don't always fold. It only counts if it's folded and in the drawer! (mine NEVER counts!)
2. schooling with my kids. I am a homeschooler and not one of those poster child ones either. I'm the, rather bake, read, run, watch cool movies kind of homeschooler. I feel exactly how the kids do about their school work (shhhhh don't tell them!)
3. vacuuming. HATE IT! and now we have a dog, enough said!

I do have one thing that I have managed to do on a regular basis, for a whole year. Yes, I am as surprised about it as everyone else!


I run at least 3 times a week. For 11 Km. Rain, shine, wind storm (almost killed by a falling branch, very exciting!) and cold.


Love how I feel after I run.

Love that I am actually capable of doing something consistently. Who knew?!

Here are my running peeps! We may have had a couple of glasses of wine at the time....
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Badness Jones said...

I used to run....when I met Hubs I ran every other day and could sprint up the 100+ stairs outside Casa Loma....I should start again...your post is inspiring...and btw? You DON'T look wrinkled or tired. You look gorgeous. And thanks for visiting my blog!

Kristen said...

Yay! I get to visit your blog again today:)
Your list could be my list. Unfortunately not consistant with my running yet either.
I did throw in James Bond last night and fold laundry til 1 am. All done! and put away! It has been piling on the couch for a month at least.
Of course when I bring up the stuff from the dryer, we begin again.
Good luck on the consistancy thing:)We need it!

Kellan said...

Great picture! At least you run - that's more excercise than I get! Good for you. BTW, I'm Kellan - nice to meet you. Take care.